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News : Naomi screenshots
Posted by space1 on 2011/3/1 23:20:00 (1031 reads)

you can download the Naomi screenshots pack

News : LusSpace FE 1.18 soon, the link is good now
Posted by space1 on 2011/1/28 10:50:00 (2008 reads)

The link is up to date (thanks to avva)

After some years, I will update my frontend.

I have changed some links that is not up-to-date.

And I will add joystick command for LusSpace, I will post tomorrow a beta version, please send me feedback for your joystick or arcade cabinet.

Here is 1.18beta, please send feedback for your joystick and old functions like goodmerge... => my email : space1@emu-france.com

For the screnshots pack, for the moment I'm focus on the Saturn and I will update Naomi soon, you can show updates on the Video-Games-Museum (new name of SpacEmul).

News : New Dats
Posted by space1 on 2011/1/19 22:10:00 (880 reads)

New dats available : Naomi , Atomiswave.

I also update icons and emulators.

Download the dats here

News : What do you want on LusSpace ?
Posted by space1 on 2011/1/18 21:40:00 (839 reads)

I search any new idea that I can added on LusSpace, if you want features contact me on my mail : space1 at emu-france.com

For the Saturn dat I will update soon.

News : Oric update
Posted by space1 on 2010/4/7 9:20:00 (883 reads)

As you can see on SpacEmul I've just done an update for Oric games, I will make a second update soon then do the Oric dat, so stay tunes.

For the Saturn screenshots : I just started the D letter, I don't know if I will make an update soon or when I will finish screenshots of all Saturn games.

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