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News : Oric update
Posted by space1 on 2010/4/7 9:20:00 (552 reads)

As you can see on SpacEmul I've just done an update for Oric games, I will make a second update soon then do the Oric dat, so stay tunes.

For the Saturn screenshots : I just started the D letter, I don't know if I will make an update soon or when I will finish screenshots of all Saturn games.

News : Update
Posted by space1 on 2010/3/25 18:57:52 (432 reads)

I've just finished the screenshots of the Oric games, so I will made a new dat soon

and I've just started screenshots of all Saturn games !

News : Back but very busy :)
Posted by space1 on 2010/2/16 15:20:44 (424 reads)

I will add new dats soon, I've just started Oric screenshots so stay tunes on SpacEmul.

After I will make an Oric dat, and soon I will update all CD systems like PSX, Saturn, DreamCast...etc

News : I'm Back
Posted by space1 on 2009/5/11 16:36:22 (483 reads)

One year without news, no I'm not dead but new job, new town...

I will try to update LusSpace dats soon, mainly MAME and GBA.

For the moment I don't have many time, but I want to add new features on the frontend.

If you have feature you want to see on LusSpace, my email : space1@emu-france.com.

In last months, I've updated SpacEmul with some new DS, PSP and Wii screens.
And made a new website : Games-Price.com.

News : News from space1
Posted by space1 on 2008/4/28 11:30:00 (1149 reads)

In english :
for people who ask if the project is dead, it"s NO :)
in 2-3 days I will update GBA dat so stay tunes and update this dat !!
I will update with goodgba but I have always some screenshots to do !

En Franšais :
Pour les gens qui se demandent ce que devient le projet, non il n'est pas mort, juste moins de temps. Je vais me concentrer sur les mises a jour cotÚ screenshots pour le moment. Surtout qu'il ya eu pas mal de nouveaux good, le dat GBA n'etait pas du tout Ó jour , il le sera d'ici 2-3 jours avec pour commencer une version pas complÚte car me reste beaucoup de jeux Ó shoter, voila

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