LusSpace FE 1.20

Date 2015/4/29 13:00:00 | Topic: News

New version of my frontend with some improvements, and a big update for the PSX dat with ALL PSX GAMES, 2 go of screenshots and boxarts ! (PSX dat made wih Redump dat )

- added support of small resolutions like 320*240 or 640*480 for TV
- added BlissBox 4-Play support : you plug your NES pad and LusSpace know it and launch the NES dat
- added Xebra for PSX
- added Mednafen
- added Mupen64plus for Nintendo 64
- added DEmul and nullDC for Dreamcast
- added .gdi iso format
- improvement of .bin/.cue detection
- added .ecm support for all emulators

Playstation screenshots
Playstation boxarts 1
Playstation boxarts 2

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